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Kayaking Hinze Dam, Gold Coast.

The Hinze Dam is located in the Gold Coast hinterland and it represents the main potable water supply of the region. Our tours give you the unique experience to explore the outside and inside of the dam as well as the surrounding areas. Come and embark yourself in this different kayaking experience and discover the Gold Coast hinterlands from the water with us!

Photo credits: John Barret

Water Bike whale watching, Gold Coast.

Water biking next to Humpback whales was one of the plus we got during our recent expedition to Cook Island. The rush of adrenaline that you get from seen a 16m whale next to you riding our bikes, can definitely push your heart rates up. Join us for our next adventure of whale watching around the Gold Coast!

A must do outdoor activity on Gold Coast !!

This photos shows an amazing aerial view of a group of customers enjoying the most beautiful scenery of The Gold Coast while Kayaking and relaxing under the perfect Queensland weather. Come and try the best outdoor activity of The Gold Coast with the #1 Kayaking Company of TripAdvisor. Keep the adventure alive, Join us!!

Our boat bikes on national TV (Channel 7)

This time we were supported again by Channel 7 who decided to film our amazing Water Bike Snorkeling Tour for the program Queensland Weekender. The film lasted around 3 hours and we all had a blast water cycling around Wave Break Island with Channel 7’s crew!! Come and enjoy with us the thrilling experience of cycling across the water.

Underwater photos included!!

Yes, that is right exactly as you read it! Underwater photos are included with our tours when the conditions are proper to get clear shoots. Normally, the best underwater visibility of the day happens when we get the high tide. There are different factors that can affect this such as wind, rain, currents, etc. However, we definitely know that peak tide  is the best moment to get into the water and spot the fish.

There is a wide variety of fish around Wave Break Island and we normally feed the fish to get them close to you. This photo shows one of that beautiful moments that will stay forever in your memories. Join us and experience a real Gold Coast adventure!

Kayaking The Gold Coast

This photo shows the stunning view of Surfers Paradise that you can get when kayaking around the Broadwater. Join us and discover The Gold Coast like never before!

Kayaking with us is a must do tour in Gold Coast

Stunning aerial view of one of our kayaking adventures. This amazing photo shows how beautiful is the area where we run our tours. Join us and keep the adventure alive!!

Paddleboarding Gold Coast

Come and enjoy our stable paddle boards and discover Gold Coast’s water ways in a unique way! We offer the best hiring rates of The Gold Coast.

Top things to do in Surfers Paradise

Water cycling through Surfers Paradise is definitely one of the top things to do in Gold Coast. We offers morning, afternoon and night tours. Join us and keep the adventure alive!!

One of the top things to do in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is famous because of its beautiful location and its amazing waterways. One of the best ways to explore them is kayaking. Come  and join us to discover this amazing city!

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